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Mud Flap Hangers, Mud Flaps, and Weights

144 Products
Mud Flap Hanger Set - With 4” Round Light Holes, Stainless Steel
$175.99 - $176.79
5 reviews
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Mud Flap Hanger Set Stainless Steel- Straight
$75.99 - $136.99
7 reviews
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Chrome Mud Flap Hangers, Straight 30 Inch, Pair
$86.39 $107.99
1 review
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Mud Flap Hanger Set - Angled 45° Deg
$80.99 - $87.19
4 reviews
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Chrome Bottom Flap Plate fits Freightliner
$19.79 $21.99
2 reviews
SKU: 30060-GG

A mudflap or mud guard serves the purpose of protecting the semi truck, passengers, other vehicles, and pedestrians from mud and other flying debris thrown by the rotating tire.

Semi truck mud flap hangers, mud flaps, and weights all have a useful purpose, but they have also become a way to add flare to the look of a truck if wanted.

Choose from chrome and stainless steel mud flap hangers, with or without hole cutouts for LED lights. There is also a wide variety of mud flaps in different colors, textures, lengths, and designs -- with a mixture of mud flap weights also in chrome and stainless steel.

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