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Seats, Seat Covers, and Suspension Adapters

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Adapter For Legacy Lo Seat
3 reviews
SKU: 178949PS
Seat Cover, Coveralls Black/Black Cpn
1 review
SKU: 181704XN1161
Seat Heritage Silver Vinyl - Highback with Arms
$451.24 $474.99
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Seat Cover, Coveralls Black/Gray Cpn
2 reviews
SKU: 181704XN1165
Seat Legacy Silver DuraLeather™ with under adjust Arms
$816.99 $899.99
1 review
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Seat Legacy Lo Midback DuraLeather™ with under-adjust Arms
$1,006.99 $1,059.99
1 review
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There are many reasons that a semi truck owner may find him or herself needing to buy a replacement seat for their truck.

For some, it may be that your old seat is worn out, and you are looking for a newer, better seat to replace your original seat. For others, it may be that you want to get a seat that matches your steering wheel! Regardless of the reason, finding a high quality seat does not have to be a challenge.

There are several considerations that drivers must make before replacing their seats. These include whether they want regular or wider set seats, or if they need an adapter kit for installation to their cab.

In stock and ready to ship is one of the most attractive features for our semi truck seat selections. 

We have quality picks of Legacy Lo, Legacy Silver, Legacy Gold, and Heritage Silver seats in vinyl, microfiber, and ultra leather options. Just choose your seat, review or seat purchasing guide to see if you need a suspension adapter for your installation, and you're a few short clicks away from your seat shipping out!

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