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Gear Shift and Shift Boot Parts

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Gear Knob, 9/10 Speed fits Eaton Fuller
2 reviews
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12” Chrome Gear Shift Extension
1 review
SKU: 92584-GG
Shifter Shaft fits Freightliner
1 review
SKU: A07-22468-000

Semi truck gear shift accessories include knobs, covers, shafts, and levers.

Choose from our variety of shift knob chrome and accessories for your 9/10 speed or 13/18 speed transmission. Options available in different colors such as red, blue, white, and chrome. Skull head and gun cylinder style shift knobs are among the more popular styles that can be an easy way to give your truck a more custom look.

You'll also find 17-inch and 30-inch gear shift covers in black, grey, red, brown, and blue with a chrome trim that can keep the cover in tune with the chrome on your dash. 

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