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Lincoln Chrome - Stainless Steel Exhaust and Accessories

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Center spool 8” X 52”
$489.59 $575.99
1 review
SKU: 408E-052-1103
Cab Bracket Angled Fits Peterbilt
$99.44 $116.99
SKU: 14-022998
6” Universal Wide Clamp
$136.84 $160.99
SKU: 50-07063
7” Universal Wide Clamp
$145.34 $170.99
SKU: 50-07073
8” Wide Straight Fits Peterbilt Clamp
$145.34 $170.99
SKU: 50-01083
7” Wide Angled Clamp Fits Peterbilt
$145.34 $170.99
SKU: 50-02073
8” Wide Bracketless Clamp
$128.34 $150.99
SKU: 50-00083

High Quality – Backed by more than 60 years of chrome plating experience, we know what it means to make a quality chrome product. We begin with flawless material that meets a standard twice that of ASTM specifications. Then expert multistep polishing creates a smooth surface. From there, our products receive a multiple-pass cleaning treatment, three layers of nickel plating for improved adhesion and corrosion resistance and, finally, a layer of chrome. This process allows us to stand behind our workmanship 100 percent.

Vertical Integration – We take a start-to-finish approach to manufacturing chrome exhaust stacks and accessories that begins with 20-foot sticks of tube. The bending, polishing, chrome plating and distribution are all handled under one roof to ensure the highest quality and consistency.

Reliability – To be a successful supplier to the heavy-duty truck market, a manufacturer needs to consistently offer three things: quality products, excellent customer service and on-time delivery. We have a strong commitment to providing our customers with all three things every time they work with us.

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