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Freightliner 2-Bend Turbo Pipe 5” W/Flare

Product Highlights

  • 5" 2 Bend Freightliner Turbo Pipe W/Flare
  • Aluminized steel
  • Outside Diameter (OD)
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Freightliner Century, Columbia


Turbo Pipe for Freightliner Century and Columbia

This is a 2-Bend Turbo pipe with flare designed to fit Freightliner trucks. It features 5 inches in Outside Diameter (OD) and is made of aluminized steel. 

Aluminized Steel is the preferred material for most heavy duty diesel applications. 

Aluminized Steel is a low carbon steel with a thin layer of aluminum alloyed to the surface. The aluminum provides galvanic protection for the base material. Aluminized Steel parts have an ultimate service temperature of 1250 degrees F with a continuous duty temperature of 1100degreeF. 

This material has excellent corrosion resistance to acidic diesel exhaust gasses. Aluminized Steel parts provide excellent field life at a reasonable cost.

What's in the box

  • Turbo Pipe
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