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5” 2-Bend OD/Flare Turbo Pyro

Product Highlights

  • Aluminized Steel
  • 5" 2-Bend OD/Flare Turbo Pyro
  • Fits Older FLC Conventional Trucks
  • Sold Individually 
  • Quality Made Product 
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Freightliner Cascadia, Century, Classic, Columbia, Coronado, FL70, FLD112, FLD112, (Set, back, Axle), FLD120, M2


Turbo Exhaust Pipe for Older Freightliner FLC Models

This product is a 5" OD ( Male end ) two bend flare turbo pyro pipe in aluminized steel. 

Aluminized Steel is the preferred material for most heavy duty diesel applications. 

Aluminized Steel is a low carbon steel with a thin layer of aluminum alloyed to the surface. The aluminum provides galvanic protection for the base material. Aluminized Steel parts have an ultimate service temperature of 1250 degrees F with a continuous duty temperature of 1100 degree F. 

This material has excellent corrosion resistance to acidic diesel exhaust gasses. Aluminized Steel parts provide excellent field life at a reasonable cost.

The pyro fitting provides you with the space to install your pyrometer. A pyrometer is a temperature gauge designed to measure high temperatures above those measurable with an ordinary thermometer. 

The use of the pyro feature can be an inexpensive upgrade that allows the driver to keep his engine out of EGT (excessive exhaust gas temperature) trouble, and it can even be a guide to optimum fuel economy.

This pipe connects your turbo to the rest of your exhaust pipes. It is 5" Outside Diameter (OD) and built to last with aluminized material.

What's in the box

  • One Turbo 2 bend pipe 
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