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Ready to change my Semi Truck's Steering Wheel -- Now What?

Posted by Miami Star on

Whats more personal in your truck than your steering wheel? Its one of the main parts of your truck that you get your hands on -- some could even say its the main piece of equipment that makes your job possible!

Your original steering wheel may have done the job at first (unless you're upgrading your interior quicker than most) but now you may be considering replacing that old scuffed up steering wheel for something new, but the question remains: to what?

Wooden Steering Wheel

You could go with the more common option and choose a wooden steering wheel; and why not? They look good, they have had a good track record in the fact that they're fairly easy to install once you have the right adapter, and they are long lasting. 

Colored Wood Steering Wheel

Nowadays you even have colored wood steering wheel options to match your blue, red, or white interior accents. We could call this the middle tier of aftermarket steering wheel options for your semi truck. Its an awesome way to get a great look without spending a lot of cash.

Sport Luxury Steering Wheel

And then of course there are those who give priority to their own comfort. Which with style, quality, and comfort all wrapped into one -- I would suggest to these drivers the Sport Luxury Edition line of steering wheels from USA Star specific for your truck.

Hopefully you have a better idea of what options you have available at and our Miami store location when it comes to steering wheels for semi trucks. Its just a matter of knowing whats important to you in a steering wheel, choosing a style that best fits your needs, and ultimately setting the mood for an exceptional driving experience before the first touch of your steering wheel.

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